CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Program for University Studies) is an exchange academic programme in the fields of education and research which involves 15 Central-European countries, that offers both teachers and students opportunities to spend a study or teaching period abroad at the partner universities. The programme started in 1995 and now it is in its third phase with rising success, demonstrated by the increasing number of involved participants. The main activity of CEEPUS is university networks (created minimum 3 universities from 3 different countries) operating joint programs. CEEPUS covers mobility grants for students and teachers in this framework. It is a unique opportunity to share knowledge and experiences among countries with a common cultural heritage and a strong background of academic cooperation.

Who is it for? Students and faculty
How long? Short Term Student (ST) for research: min. 1 to max. 2 months; Student (S) for study: min. 3 to max. 5 months; Teacher (T) for teaching mobility: min 5 working days.
Which countries? Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Poland, Prishtina/Kosovo, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary
What tipes of action? Mobility within networks or individually as freemover

More information

HUFA is member of one network for the moment with its Intermedia Department:
CIII-SI-0816-04-1616 ADRIART.CE
The principle objective of the ADRAIRT.CE network is “Advancing Digital and Regional Interactions in Art Teaching for Central Europe”.

HOW TO APPLY? (Students)


  • to be a student of a university in a CEEPUS country
  • to be a citizen of a CEEPUS member state (or of a EU/EWR state respectively). Students who do not have the citizenship of a CEEPUS member state need to upload an „equal status document" (visa, residence permit) to apply
  • two semesters completed of a regular course of studies


Application is submitted either through a CEEPUS network; or as a freemover.

A. Through a CEEPUS network

  1. Apply for mobility at your university
  2. Home institution (PPU) nominates you and sends your applications to home National CEEPUS Office (NCO).
  3. Home NCOs forward your applications to the host country (host ppu/ host NCO)
  4. Host NCOs award scholarships and inform you.
    • acceptance of your scholarship online
    • preparation of stay (necessary documents, accommodation)
    • end of the stay to confirm the stay are necessary:
    • the Letter of Confirmation (LoC): filled out online by the network coordinator at the host institution
    • the Mobility Report: filled out online by the scholarship holder

Application deadlines

15 June for the autumn term
31 October for the spring term

B. As a freemover

Who freemovers are? If your university isn't member of a network or you would like to go a university outside a network, you can join the CEEPUS programme only for the second semester. You need two documents: a Letter of Acceptance from the host institution and a Letter of Recommendation from two different teachers of your university. You can download both of them from the CEEPUS website ( after the registration.

Application deadline

30 November for spring term (only)


Student: from 3 to 5 months

Short Term Students: 1-2 months (only available for Ph.D. students and for MA students with 2 completed terms). NOTE! In the „Motivation” section of the online Application Form the applicant has to specify that he/she will work on his/her thesis/research.

HOW TO APPLY? (Faculty)


  • citizenship of a CEEPUS member state (or of a EU/EWR state respectively). Those, who do not have the citizenship of a CEEPUS member state need to upload an „equal status document" (visa, residence permit) to apply.
  • minimum 6 hours (lecture or/and consultation) per work week (5 days) during the exchange


Identical with Student application (see above)
NOTE! In „Motivation” section of the online Application Form the applicant teacher must specify the details of her/his teaching at the partner university (i.e. subjects of the lectures, how many hours, credits – if possible).
Teacher applicant has to apply for term period and not for exam period.


Students (university or college undergraduates, graduates up to MA degree, postgraduate and PhD students): 118 000,00 HUF/ month
Teachers (with min. 5 working days AND min. 6 hours teaching/supervising activity): 130 000,00 HUF
Short Term Excursion (3-5 days):  29 500,00 HUF


Eszter Vadász (institutional CEEPUS coordinator) Email: 
phone: +36-70-682-4582